Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Having a marketing budget is important for any small business right? So it’s equally important to spend that budget in the right direction to make the most out of it. How to know where to spend it when you are confused between Digital Marketing vs traditional marketing? 

In this blog, you will get to know where to spend your marketing budget whether it is Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing.

Today, India has more than 350 million smartphone users and the growth is consistent in terms of people using mobile phones. Print media definitely had reached in the initial stages but today in the era of digitalization traditional marketing is taken over by Digital Marketing 

Yes. Let us see it via an example, a hoarding of a brand lying on the main road for a month’s time can reach up to certain people passing by but are you sure that it is targeting the right audience which your business needs. There are 50 – 50 chances on it. Now, the same budget if you spend on digital media rather than social marketing, you can choose on a specific class of people who will be more interested and inclined towards seeing your products & connecting with you. Also, Social marketing is a vast field which covers many set of the audience whether it be Facebook Marketing or YouTube Ad Creation or Instagram Marketing & the list goes on….

Digitalization is the need of the time and it ensures that your product is reached to the right class of people at the right time. 

It is like you need an office for your business, the website acts as your virtual address which is necessary in today’s world because that is exactly how your prospects will come to know where to connect you and how. 

Traditional Marketing Era is still in business but if we compare it with Digital Marketing the reach comparison is better. In such a period of LockDown what you think has traditional marketing helped your business get noticed? We know you know the answer. We didn’t have a newspaper reaching us. It was all in digital form on your fingertips via your mobile phone. Now imagine that your brand is on a digital platform and you could have reached so many people who were sitting home, as they were the ones who were easily accessible through phones. 

Digitalization also has the capacity to open your barriers & is not limited. It is not space-bound,  it is not limited to your area of the country. You can reach to a new set of the crowd too, who knows someday you might even start exporting your goods getting noticed globally via such digital platforms. 

We all know that our major work is made easy with WhatsApp. What is it? It is the true power of digitalization. Yes, that is what it holds. In this era and such times of pandemic, digitalization will surely help your business get noticed, it will surely help convert your prospects into sales and your after-sales service will become better hospitality which will never let your customer go away from you.

Choose wisely, Reach Widely.