Embedded Systems
Design & Development

Embedded Systems has brought a revolution in science. It is devoted to performing a specific assignment; therefore, it helps to reduce the size and cost of the product. Due to this forte, every day new products are introduced to the market which utilizes embedded frameworks. We help our clients to accomplish reliability and performance through embedded product solutions.

Why Choose DIGITANOMICS For Your NEXT Embedded System?

Turnkey Development
Turnkey Development

Design, Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Gerber, PCB fabrication, assembly, and board bring-up.

Fully Equipped Labs
Fully Equipped Labs

Our labs have all the necessary tools to create next-generation embedded hardware products.

Best In-Class Designs
Best In-Class Designs

Our designs are optimized for Power, Size and Cost without compromising the performance requirements.

Prosperous Partnership Ecosystem
Prosperous Partnership Ecosystem

Working with tons of vendors, we can support you from concept development to manufacturing in large numbers.

Value-Driven Embedded System Services

Embedded Hardware

Embedded Hardware

Modern electronics device design has evolved significantly with ever-shrinking components, growing processing power, and a high level of integration. We are best suited for designing electronic devices of any complexity.

Our customer's concerns including costing, identity with the brand, ease of manufacturability, time to market, etc are taken as a part of our design process to avoid any last-minute surprises. Our component procurement and logistics team work proactively with our design team and local/overseas vendors ensuring quicker turnaround time.

  • CPU Module Design & Development
  • Single Board Computer
  • Base Board Design
  • PCB Layout Design
  • OEM Services & Hardware Testing
  • Schematic Design & System Integration
  • FPGA / RTL Design & Verification
  • PCB Fabrication Assembly
Embedded Software

Embedded Software

Embedded Systems have become ubiquitous in the modern world spanning across application verticals. During the development of any such system, the embedded software development incurs a significant amount of investment.

Our team is proficient in the latest embedded software architecture trends and technologies. Developing for the lowest possible power consumption and memory footprint within the shortest possible time as being one of our traits. With extensive experience in working with multiple hardware and software technologies.

  • Linux Development
  • Windows Development
  • Android Development
  • BSP Development
  • OS Porting
  • Middle-ware Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Boot-loader / Firmware Development